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Runners and Chiropractic

Runners and Chiropractic

Runners gain a competitive advantage with Chiropractic

Elite and amateur runners consistently seek tools, strategies, and resources which deliver a competitive advantage on the track or running course. Chiropractic spinal adjustments provide a unique advantage to runners that augment their benefits from food, supplements, specific training protocols, and other manual care. All recreational and competitive runners deserve to experience how Chiropractic care maximises training, performance, and recovery.

In 2018, the European Journal of Applied Physiology, published new research that could help explain why Chiropractic uniquely benefits short and long-distance runners. It was concluded that a single session of spinal manipulation increased muscle strength and corticospinal excitability to muscles in elite athletes. It is easy to see how this could help athletes gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Utilizing Chiropractic spinal adjustments as part of training can also help athletes to train harder and with greater strength and precision.


Chiropractic care helps runners in a multitude of ways. The component that most athletes and coaches understand involves the improvement of motion and biomechanics. Chiropractic adjustments improve motion in the spine and joints, increasing the ease of movement and efficiency of body biomechanics. Greater mobility and range of motion minimises the risk of injury within the muscles, ligaments, and tendons during training and on race day. Chiropractic also improves postural and spinal alignment. The improvement of alignment minimises unnecessary wear and tear on joints like good axel alignment on a car. Chiropractic through spinal manipulation has been found to help maximise muscle strength and corticospinal excitability. This means that an adjustment improves the amount of electrical activity from the brain to the body by improving alignment and movement of the spine. This increased electrical activity can produce greater strength in the muscles of the leg and elsewhere in the body.


The spine maintains an intimate relationship with the brain and central nervous system. Proper alignment and movement help to optimise the function of the spine and nervous system. The rigorous training involved with daily running creates a need for routine nervous system maintenance. Wear and tear on the spine and body biomechanics from hitting the pavement necessitate proper care for the spine and posture.


The most foundational aspect of training involves the body’s ability to continually work, recover, and improve on the previous day, week, and month. Passionate runners deserve every opportunity to maximise training and recovery while limiting the risk of injury. Healing and repair between long runs or short bouts of intense training require the body to be functioning at optimal levels. Key components like nutrition, sleep, and running biomechanics become more enhanced and productive when combined with Chiropractic. Running for recreation or competition become metaphors for longevity and endurance on both the track and in real life. Chiropractic offers the opportunity to not only perform at peak levels but also maintain a long-term wellness lifestyle that allows runners to maintain their passion and their health into advanced age. Whether training for a race or for the long-term life experience, Chiropractic helps finish the race well.

Eur J Appl Physiol. 2018 Apr;118(4):737-749. The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on strength and cortical drive in athletes.

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