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Vertigo & dizziness

Vertigo & dizziness

Chiropractic provides a healthy balance to vertigo sufferers

Vertigo accounts for over 10 million physician visits every year.

People who suffer from vertigo experience dizziness and spinning sensations that trigger nausea and imbalance. Even the strongest and most able-bodied people become incapacitated and unable to perform daily functions ranging from walking to driving a car when afflicted by vertigo. The primary remedy offered by physicians consists of medication. Vertigo impacts equilibrium and the same medications meant to help resolve the condition come hand in hand with a lengthy list of side effects due to their impact on the nervous system. Vertigo devastates millions of people every year. Prescribing self-defeating medications only exacerbates the separation between a person and their desire for better health.

Effect of Chiropractic for Vertigo and dizziness

A study in 2016 revealed how chiropractic care helps balance and dizziness.

Another study in 1998 targets the alignment and function of the upper cervical spine as a major factor in the presence or absence of dizziness. Nerves in and around the bones of the upper neck directly interact with parts of the brain that coordinate balance and equilibrium. Research showed that 62% of patients suffering with vertigo had misalignments and dysfunction in the three upper bones of the neck. 77% of vertigo sufferers who received Chiropractic adjustments experienced improvement in their condition. Specific Chiropractic adjustive care provides relief and positive long-lasting benefits from dizziness and other vertigo symptoms.


Chiropractic focuses on removing interference from the brain and central nervous system. Chiropractors do not intend to fix a specific condition like vertigo, instead focusing on the proper function of the powerful supercomputer that comprises the central nervous system. An intimate relationship exists between the health of the spine and the central nervous system. The electrical power communicating throughout the body becomes even more effective when the spine operates with optimal functioning capacity. Chiropractic care provides precise, evidence-based correction to areas of the spine impacted by areas of interference called subluxations.


Reducing subluxations allows the brain and body to restore connection and communication. The greatest opportunity for the body to provide health and healing begins when the spine aligns in a specific position and moves in an appropriate way. When positioning and movement become abnormal, neurological interference impacts the processes of health and healing. Dizziness and vertigo manifest when interference impedes communication in certain areas of the brain. Researchers began attributing unwanted symptoms of dizziness and nausea to cervical vertigo all the way back in 1955. The spinal column houses bones specifically called cervical vertebrae.


Chiropractors provide specific spine and nervous system evaluations for anyone exhibiting signs and symptoms of vertigo. Genuine health consists of finding the cause and source of a problem. Fixing the problem provides sustainable health far more effectively than an endless cycle of pills and side effects. Freedom from suffering and medications starts with bringing life back into balance with Chiropractic care.


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