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Facet Syndrom

Facet Syndrome

Facet Syndrome

The bones in your spine are connected together by interlocking “fingers” of bone called facet joints. Extended, untreated and/or accumulated trauma can cause these joint surfaces to become compressed together preventing proper motion. This condition is often referred to as a Facet Syndrome.

The natural fluid lubricant in your body’s joints needs complete joint motion to keep it circulating. Without the proper nutrients and oxygen reaching the cartilage in your spine, these joints can degenerate into more serious problems that may be irreversible. These conditions include osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.


Facet Syndrome is a common problem that encompasses all age groups and both genders. It is recognized as one of the more frequent illnesses and can be extremely painful. For gymnasts and other athletes this is a common problem but whiplash and the aging process can also be the cause of this malady.

Symptoms of Facet Syndrome

It is very difficult to pinpoint the symptoms of Facet Syndrome because they mimic the symptoms of many other back pain problems.

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