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Is chiropractic safe

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Is Chiropractic safe?

Millions of chiropractic treatments are performed safely throughout the world each year. In most countries strict licensing guidelines are followed to ensure safe treatment is provided to its citizens.

Furthermore, qualified Doctors of Chiropractic have extensive education to detect and determine when it is safe to administer chiropractic adjustments and when it is necessary to see another medical specialist.


Doctor Bodie R. Dorrance, BSc., DC has held licenses in the USA, Canada and Ireland without a single claim of harm against in nearly 30 years. Moreover, Doctors of Chiropractic have an ethical responsibility to explain the likelihood for successful treatment for whichever ailment the patient presents.

Doctor Dorrance estimates that he’s performed well over 2 million specific spinal adjustments without complication. Some estimates are that it is more likely to be struck by a bolt of lightning twice in a lifetime than to have an extreme adverse reaction to a chiropractic adjustment.


Nevertheless, there are conditions where caution is warranted such as cerebrovascular disease and blood thinning medication use, osteoporosis, cancer, infection and many others. Doctor Dorrance has over the course of his career detected early cauda equina syndrome, cancer, Lyme’s Disease, stroke, fractures, gall bladder disease, phlebitis and others which required immediate medical attention, but which had been previously undiagnosed. This is what sets us who? Chiropractors! apart – the knowledge and experience it takes to provide responsible chiropractic care and the education necessary to find you a doctor who can help when we cannot.

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