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Chiropractic examination

Chiropractic examination

Chiropractic examination

When you attend a chiropractic examination your chiropractor will:


  • conduct a thorough medical history and review medical, X-ray or MRI records you’ve brought with you
  • visually inspect for spinal curves or other visible health indicators
  • use their hands to palpate (feel) your spine and the muscles and other soft tissues that support it
  • conduct an orthopaedic examination – these are specific tests designed to detect health conditions relating to the spine, bones, joints, muscles and soft tissues, including ligaments and tendons. Among other things, an orthopaedic exam includes moving the joint and can involve measuring its range of movement
  • conduct a neurological examination – these are tests designed to assess the function of your motor, sensory and cranial nerves (such as testing your reflexes)
  • conduct a Myovision Spinal Scan which utilizes sophisticated NASA technology to assess the overall health of your spine


Based on their examination, your chiropractor will give you a differential diagnosis (that considers all of the potential causes of your primary complaint) and a working diagnosis (the most likely cause of your primary complaint). They will explain this diagnosis, including its natural history (when you would expect it to resolve), the treatment options available to you and any benefits or risks associated with those treatments.

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First Appointment

To prepare for your first appointment at First Amercian Chrio, you can download our medical history form and our data protection and treatment information form.


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